Priority Member Care

We want to help with various community needs as we build our resources of network providers in many categories.

Currently we are offering aid to those affected by COVID-19 quarantines in the best way possible given or current capabilities and number of returning staff.

Our priority member and community assistance occurs as follows:

  1. Join the 411 C.A.R.E.S. Community (for free) for access to our team assistance resources.
  2. Fill out a Meet with 411! form. You may upload or attach any information that you wish to review.
  3. Check your email for a reply with information or suggested meeting times or a link to "virtually meet now"*.
  4. Please review any attached materials prior to the meeting in order us to continue to serve as many members as possible!

*Please note: As our team returns and becomes trained on all processes and procedures, we will increase online chat and meeting availability... and you will see a chat icon for live chats during staffed hours). We have hundreds of current members to assist at this time, and our support teams need to know how to respond truly and correctly for our members.
An incredibly safe, secure and sanitary "pandemic-proof" 411 is what we hope that you and your family will be returning to shortly. With so many amazing changes, updates and safety protocols to train them on... so please excuse any meeting dates and times available.
As we progress and increase trained staff... look for the "Chat Now" icon this page. We look forward to serving you virtually!