Access to Resources & Facilities

Depending on the current phase (see very top of screen for 411.Phases level), access to our facilities is controlled by our new system. All individuals entering or using 411 facilities and equipment must have learned and the basics of our PPP safety protocols, and answer some pre-entry screening questions (you know the deal... like"Have you traveled in or out of the country within the past 2 weeks" or "Have you been exposed to anyone within the past 14 days to the coronavirus?")

  1. Join the 411 C.A.R.E.S. Community (for free) for access to our facilities & resources.
  2. Fill out a Let Me In 411! form and answer all questions truthfully*.
  3. Check your email for a reply with information or suggested meeting times or a link to "virtually meet now"*.
  4. Please review any attached materials prior to the meeting in order us to continue to serve as many members as possible!