Phase 1

Alerticon Color: Orange

Threat Level: High/Severe

Situation Level: Urgent

Public Concern: Community at Heightened Risk or Danger

    • Pending or Present Pandemic
    • Pending or Present Danger (Other)
  • Community Action(s): Heed one more of the following recommendations

    • COVID-10 or other outbreak/contagion/illness transmission alert

      • Follow all governmental requirements or warnings immediately
        • Maintain maximum levels of alertness
        • Where protective gear or clothing
        • Use extreme caution during activities
        • Avoid contact with others
        • Heed highest level of sanitation practices
        • Avoid all contact with others
        • Full quarantine for entire community, leave only for:
          • Essential Services Only
            • Replenishment of vital resources
            • Seeking health care
            • Other emergency situation or danger present

    • Other Threat or Emergency Situation

      • Follow all governmental requirements or warnings immediately
        • Heed applicable recommendations in accordance with:
          • Federal and local laws
          • Personal & community safety


ALL VULNERABLE INDIVIDUALS* should continue to shelter in place. Members of households with vulnerable residents should be aware that by returning to work or other environments where distancing is not practical, they could carry the virus back home. Precautions should be taken to isolate from vulnerable residents.

All individuals, WHEN IN PUBLIC (e.g., parks, outdoor recreation areas, shopping areas), should maximize physical distance from others. Social settings of more than 10 people, where appropriate distancing may not be practical, should be avoided unless precautionary measures are observed.

Avoid SOCIALIZING in groups of more than 10 people in circumstances that do not readily allow for appropriate physical distancing (e.g., receptions, trade shows)

MINIMIZE NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL and adhere to CDC guidelines regarding isolation following travel.


Continue to ENCOURAGE TELEWORK, whenever possible and feasible with business operations.


Close COMMON AREAS where personnel are likely to congregate and interact, or enforce strict social distancing protocols.

Minimize NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL and adhere to CDC guidelines regarding isolation following travel. Strongly consider SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS for personnel who are members of a VULNERABLE POPULATION.


SCHOOLS AND ORGANIZED YOUTH ACTIVITIES (e.g., daycare, camp) that are currently closed should remain closed.

VISITS TO SENIOR LIVING FACILITIES AND HOSPITALS should be prohibited. Those who do interact with residents and patients must adhere to strict protocols regarding hygiene.

LARGE VENUES (e.g., sit-down dining, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship) can operate under strict physical distancing protocols.

ELECTIVE SURGERIES can resume, as clinically appropriate, on an outpatient basis at facilities that adhere to CMS guidelines.

GYMS can open if they adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols. BARS should remain closed.

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